Shondesh Boutique by Mumu was the Official Confectionary Provider for events surrounding the launch and making of the first USA-India joint venture English-Bengali film “Mi Amor” by director Suman Ghosh and starring Parambrata and Raima Sen. Cakes and special logo-emblazoned sweets were provided to filming and event locations at Miami and Orlando. The cast and crew of Mi Amor thoroughly enjoyed the sweets, cakes etc. and shared widely on social media.

My Wonderful Encounter with Bengali Sweets in Houston, TX

Abhijit Pakrashi
(68, Ballygunje Place, Kolkata, 700019)

This is my first visit to the United States and to Houston, Texas. The evening I arrived, my sister-in-law (Bubai) served Bengali sweets (Sandesh) and Dahi after dinner. I was totally amazed how splendid these tasted. Honestly, I cannot remember when I tasted such excellent Dahi and Sandesh last time– even in the branded Bengali sweetshops in Kolkata like Mithai and Ganguram. Needless to say, these are now part of my daily diet in Houston.

My sister-in-law told me that these sweets were the artistic creation of Mousumi Chaudhury (aka Mumu) from Sugarland, Texas – locally well known for being a person of many talents and an entrepreneur. Her sweet creations not only taste amazing; these are also beautifully crafted.

Mumu’s sweets took me back to some of the happy memories of my long gone childhood and for that I thank her from my heart. I wish her success in all aspects of her life.

Taste of Bengal in the heart of Texas

Partha Sarathi Chatterjee
(General Secretary, North American Bengali Conference 2015.
- Board of Directors, IIT Foundation.)

Living half a world away, we used to miss the taste of Bengali sweets, those which bring our memories of growing up. Then, my family found Mumu’s mouthwatering Bengali sweets.

From Annaprashan to anniversary, her sweets, immaculately prepared in the most traditional way with top quality ingredients, add an incredible touch. Just Perfect! Our friends and family longingly look forward to those delicacies. It is also an excellent way for us to share those with our American friends – a taste of Bengal in the heart of Texas. They love those!

I am so glad with Mumu’s venture, many more will savor those delicious sweets. Best of luck, Mumu and looking forward to sweet memories.

Spellbound by Mumu's Shondesh Boutique

Mahamaya Bandyopadhyay
Freelance journalist, India Today, Woman.

As I approached the dessert table at a friend’s house party, the unique display of party favors had me spellbound. Mumu had painted the face of goddess Durga on individual mango flavored ‘sondaesh’ which came in floral mini plates. Her creative decoration coupled with the deliciously tasty sweet is appealing both to the eyes and the taste buds.

A culinary anthropologist in disguise, specializing in Bengali sweets

Rahul Chakraborty (Associate Professor)
Director of the Speech Kinematics and Bilingualism Laboratory
Department of Communication Disorders
Texas State University

A culinary anthropologist in disguise, specializing in Bengali sweets – that’s what came to my mind when I had Mumu’s sandesh on the dorsum and her 2-minutes snippet on the ‘origin, etymology and development of sandesh.’ Interestingly, for obvious market demands, when big establishments in Kolkata have started preferring fusion forms of sweets over the age-old recipes, it was refreshing to experience Mumu’s resilience and faith on old recipes that have now infected me.

Mumu's shondesh is comparable to any of the big sweet shop of Kolkata.

Paramita Bhattacharaya,

Recently I was in Houston to attend my Niece s Wedding..the wedding was in true bengali would not have been complete without Mumu s ice cream sondesh, doi and the big projapoti mishit!! It was so authentic in test, style and presentation that it really awed all the American Indians present at the wedding. Mumu s shondesh is comparable to any of the big sweet shop of’s prepared totally fresh and each one hand made with precision and care. Wish Mumu all the best and will look forward to more of your creations in future!!

A taste of Kolkata, seven seas away.

Sudip Nath
Senior Consultant(Cognizant).

A taste of Kolkata, seven seas away. Bringing you a piece of home .. “shondesh boutique”. We ordered for authentic Bengali sweets and got the best available in the country. Mumu ma’am went beyond just giving us what we needed. She handled the tricky business of shipping the fragile shondesh sweets across to another state. Packing them with extreme caution and care so that they reached the destination fresh and in one piece. Bravo for that! We cannot thank her enough for the wonderful service with her professional touch. Looking forward to order more soon.

Taste The Soul of Bengal in the very Heart of Texas!

Paramita Ghosh
Public Relations and Events Manager

Sondesh Boutique – The name itself makes my mouth water. The best Bengali Sweets, Payesh, be it from Malpoa to Kalo Jaam, to Shorpuria, to Pithey, you get to taste everything, all round the year at Houston, thanks to Mumu Di (Mrs Mumu Choudhury) the lady with a Midas Touch when it comes to making Authentic Bengali Desserts!

The Best is that she never fails in Quality, because everything this is homemade right from the scratch! And the taste is to die for. The last three years I have been in Houston, I have only and always had mishty from her.

We Love Sondesh Boutique! Thank you Mumu Di for letting us Taste The Soul of Bengal in the very Heart of Texas!

Mandira Chatterjee
Retired Govt.Office - West Bengal