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Fresh Shondesh

We custom-make and deliver fresh Shondesh and Bengali sweets, seven days a week, throughout the Houston area.

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Shondesh Cakes

We make the most amazing Shondesh Cakes for any event or occasion and deliver within the greater Houston area.

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Custom-Made Shondesh

Make your special event extra-special with our Custom-Made Bengali Shondesh and sweets. Call us and we will create a unique Shondesh just for you !

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Mishti Doi

Don't miss your favorite Mishti Doi any more! Call us and we will make & deliver the exact variety for you.

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Mumu Choudhury - Shondesh Boutique

Mumu Choudhury

Our Founder

The Passion & Creativity of Mumu Choudhury

Introducing the woman behind these creations, Mumu Choudhury. Ever since she was a young girl, artistry ran in her blood. She started out with oil paintings, acrylic paintings, embroidery and expanded to knitting, quilting and making purses. Starting in September 2015, she began focusing on Indian sweets, mainly Shondesh (a Bengali sweet made of sugar and milk). All of her creations are made from scratch (including cookies and cupcakes). Being the perfectionist she is, she makes sure that all her clients are happy with the final product by allowing them to customize her products. If you are interested in any of the products, please contact us via this website or by phone or text message. Mumu’s shondesh pursuits usually keep her awake till 3 AM !